Catral is located in the country side and farming areas of the Costa Blanca Region of Spain. It is with in close proximity of two other towns Dolores and Almoradi.

Largely unspoiled by the British invasion of the Costa Blanca region Of Spain, it still has a thriving British community. The town offers a peaceful, tranquil area to live. Well away from the hustle and bustle of what you would find in an equal village in England, with many people now looking at the moving to area or similar areas to avoid the sprawling coastal towns that are becoming little Britains.

Unlike the coastal towns, Catral remains vibrant all year round and does not rely on the tourist seasons, that so many of the coastal towns rely on and become ghost towns during the winter months.

Catral lies about fifteen minutes inland from the coastal region Guardamar and La Marina beaches are within about an easy fifteen minute drive. With La Marina beach being surrounded by a public nature park and my personal favourite beach to visit. Dolores is less than a ten minute drive from Catral along with Almoradi which is just a short distance away.